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What I like most about illustration/storytelling

During the 17 months I have learned so much from studying here.

I was forced to look out at a horizon I have never known,now I could seen them and I see how immense the possibilities of illustration are. Illustration is a process to take your audiences on your boat and take them to a mental journey. The same with other art forms like music,movie or literature,could also take the audiences into a spiritual world. The value behind the journey is that when readers begin to see by the eyes of the authors, they actually obtain a new observation perspective through the reading or watching experience. And once they put the new view to use in their daily life,in fact,it will grow as a different way of thinking.

Illustration could become a hook to lead the readers discover and observe by their own eyes and also judge by their own mind, rather than accept the idea sold in books. In this way illustration would seek a broader space for development. It could be a personal map mapping all the interesting things,a rule like eat ten colors a day or do not step on any lines, a game to play an alien spy or God,a tool to catch odd sounds or a way to find out secret treasures.

Illustration is educational,but it is not about knowledge nor ethics. It is a perspective of alchemist,to change iron into gold,turn black into white, regard negative as positive (or the other way around),choose beauty among various ordinary.