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Drawing tools:fill a sketchbook

What is tool?

Drawing is the language of the emotions. The creation process is absolutely dominated by sensibility. If a line is beautiful or not, if the colors are in harmonious or not, if the proportion is appropriate or not, my first judgment is come from intuition. Feelings tell if they are comfortable or not first, then the brain analyze why it works or which part doesn’t work with reasons and knowledge.

Perceptual shortcomings is not stable, however, the instability is with the quality, quantity and timing. So we need to apply rational management and constraints to the sensible creation, and these tools have the required function.

It can be said that the tools it is an external condition to stimulate perceptual creation. The tools are summed up from numbers of exploration and experiments. With a certain stimulation the creation can be naturally brought out as much as possible when we need. Thus leads the creation to a sustained growing path.

An example of a drawing tool: full a sketchbook

Start with a blank sketchbook.The paper should be comfortable to draw with, and a bit transparent.

First, find an inspirational item.Draw this inspirational item in the first page. Just draw what you see without thinking. Observing carefully of all the details around this item.

The second step is to draw with brain. That inspirational item attract you with some special quality, what is it? Now draw the same item in the second page but without looking at it, in order to abstract the point, which attract you from the beginning. Is it those smooth lines? Is it a subtle proportion? A temptation or vitality? Exaggerate this point and focus on it at the second drawing.

And then start to draw on the third page until finish the sketchbook. Every time we turn into a new page there will be a dimly shadow left from the last drawing. Keep Drawing on those shadow then the inspirational point will become more and more abstract. Gradually story plot will also appear in the continually drawings. One by one, feelings and shadows left from the previous drawing make the new drawing appear automatically.Drawer no longer makes the decision, but the drawings jump out endlessly by themselves.